Thursday, June 16, 2016

Why my college staff in Surrey tried to put me in trouble

I was a student of Community mental health and addiction college in Surrey BC. I was getting straight A and A +, when everything changed. I had security issues and I left BC to keep myself safe.

Copy of My complaint letter to the college:

Hi Jackie,
I am sending you a short summary of my problems.Previously I forgot to mention some important points. 

 I joined S------ College CMHAW to give back to my beloved country.
 In the beginning everything was very well. I had honest and professional instructors. My class fellows were good. I always got A and A +.
It was a relief that Pakistan ISI has finally stopped chasing me.
Soon things changed. I went through loads of organized problems in the college.
 I noticed my class fellows were not as respectful & friendly as they were before. My Councillor ----  had a different tone.
Once I was served with sanitizer in my coffee thermos. I Went to her --- and complained about it. She said “go and stand in front of the class and make a presentation and tell them what they did”
I did not do that, it would turn everyone against me.
My last two instructors ---- & ---- behaved in a very suspicious manner.
H-----  bullied me continuously in the class. Once I asked her to reconsider my (2) marks. She said no I cannot. I said “ok no problem.” It was over.
When the class finished and I was rushing to catch my bus, she stopped me & asked me to stay back. She kept waiting for everyone to leave. I missed my bus. It was very late in the night. When everyone was gone, she said
“I want to tell you that I cannot change your marks and tomorrow I will take you to “L---”
 I was shocked over this abnormal behaviour. I went close to the door and told her once again that I have no issues and I accept my marks. I left quickly and found out there was no one left in the college.
I wrote a detailed email about how I was bullied in the class & sent it to L---- & and L---------the Director (Screen shot of the email is attached)
---- wrote back to me .She sympathised and asked me to talk to her again. She wrote “I challenge you to talk to her” I did not, I was not in a position to question a bully instructor!
After a couple of days Our Director ---- met me in the student’s kitchen. He shook hand with me. He reassured me and told me that in the background they were working on my problems & everything will be alright.
I was satisfied that Director was involved and thought my worries were gone. Unfortunately everything changed to worse.
 My class fellows started shouting & ordering me. They asked me not to sit next to them. They stopped talking to me. No one was ready to be my partner.
I made desperate appeals to L----  to help me & find out the reason of their behavior. She never did. She has enormous authority in student’s affairs. Students would do as she says.  L---- played no positive role.
 I also kept wondering about the outcome of L----promise.
K---- our previous instructor was initially assigned our next class of Psychology 125, but instead S---- took the class.
She was over sweet with me and once invited me for a coffee with her.
She used double standards to mark me compared to my class fellows. In my 1st presentation she failed me very unfairly. She did not even realized that I did very well despite being very sick.
 When I spoke to her and proved that I deserved more marks she said “I agree but I will ask L---  because I am very new and can make a mistake”
A new returning student R----- joined our class. I rushed to make him my partner. He was with me in two assignments and was very satisfied with my performance as a partner. I took a promise from him over a handshake that he would remain my partner. In S------s class he changed and refused to be my partner. He also stopped answering my calls and messages. He ignored me in the class. Another ex-class fellow S----- who was in touch with me has all of a sudden stopped communication with me.
 I shared my personal story with S-----to get sympathies, after seeing my story in the newspaper she looked very worried.  Many times she jumped when I spoke to her.  She stopped making eye contact with me. She would check me and then run to Li----’s office. All this was very suspicious and I was deeply concerned.
We had an upcoming presentation. I was hyper active. I had challenges to overcome
-I was very sick with heart & lungs problems and was twice hospitalized before.
-I wanted to be flawless because of biased teacher
-My partner was loud in manners and slow in work.

I decided the topic with S-----(My partner). I made 45 slides on Sunday. On Monday, I emailed my presentation to my partner while sitting next to her.
She had a good look on the presentation and thanked me. We decided to work on it later in the class.
 To be on the safe side I told her to be in command and delete and add whatever she wanted.  I also told her if she doesn’t like the presentation I was ready to start working with her on another one.
When everyone else started working on the presentation, she quietly picked her bag and left the classroom. Teacher followed her. When the teacher took long to come back I was concerned. It looked unusual. I came out from the classroom. They were standing outside. I heard them talking about me and F word. They were laughing. S----- was facing the door and saw me. She quickly said “here she comes”
 I was disturbed and said “so you guys are talking about me.”
 All 3 of us were quiet for a while.
Sherrill said she is upset because you prepared the whole thing and there is nothing left for her to do.
Realizing they were up to something I quickly came up with a long list of options. 
I said” let's do another one together and forget about this one.
 Let's do what you want.
 Please be in command.
 Let’s choose another topic. Let’s get together let’s forget about the old one.”
Unfortunately being angry was part of the plan. She said word F again and again and left for home. Teacher told me that it was my mistake. “I failed team work.”

When I came home I felt extremely depressed. I knew that I was a victim yet I wrote to Sha    and apologized.

I discussed everything with my family. My 14 year old sister who suffers from PTSD was visibly disturbed.
I started connecting dots between the unreasonable behaviour of Li    , Sh     , Her      , Shk     also thought about Lass promise and my increased troubles.
Why would they give me so much pain without any gain??????????
I became very sick. I informed my college about my serious condition. Despite my serious illness Li-- and S------ kept writing to me to prepare for my exam and immediate presentation. Sh    i made desperate calls & left several messages asking me to continue.

I have powerful enemies who are ready to pay any price to put me in trouble & get me deported.
Please make a thorough investigation & find out the reasons behind the suspicious behavior of some staff & student S---- in my college.


Sadia Khan
11 April 2016

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