Thursday, June 16, 2016

Why my building Manager in Guildford ------- Surrey harassed us? Is money into play

We left BC Surrey on 22 April. My building Manager tried to create problems for us. She lied and made continuous efforts to involve us in some legal issues. We left Surrey to another province in emergency, fearing she might lie and accuse us of some crime. We lost thousands of dollars due to our immediate relocation.
She forced us to give her our new address. She opened our mails, some of our important mail went missing. She was spying on us.
We left on 22nd April. She charged us till June 2016. She never returned our deposit of 450 dollars. 
A night before we left the house , we video tapped the house to have a proof against any accusation. 
We flew to another province. when we were in the hotel in Ontario we received disturbing emails and text messages from her.

Here is one of her email. She lies about the condition of the apartment. Below is the video of the house recorded 12 hours before we left the house. Perhaps she forgot that I can video tape the house.

I am copy pasting her email written to us on 23rd April 2016. She wrote!!!

This is a record for our Management :

* All kitchen cabinets inside and out were full of oil stains

* Oven and fridge were both in very dirty condition

* Drip pans on stove were all burnt out and under drip pans had very bad stains

* Oven drawer was jammed

* Countertops both sides - burnt by placing hot pots on them

* Floors for kitchen, dining and bathroom were caked with dirt and oil.

* Vanity sink and bathtub sink were clogged with hair and dirt

* Toilet in a very dirty condition

* There were 14 bags of garbage (using large garbage bags) from kitchen and clothes from all closets that had to be removed

* We had to dispose of dining table + 4 chairs

* Another dining table

* 3 single beds and box springs

* Touch up paint done for whole unit

* Double painting job required for all kitchen cabinets- inside and out

Since you had not cleaned and completed requets upon vacating -PLEASE NOTE CHARGES AS FOLLOWS :

1)  Touch up Paint for  unit + kitchen cabinets    $300.00

2)  Carpets                                                                  $140.00

3)  Drapes                                                                   $115.00

4)  Damage to countertops                                      $100.00

5)  Cleaning                        (10 hours)                       $250.00

6)  Removal of garbage bags                                   $100.00

7) Stove drip pans ($25x 4)                                       $100.00

8) Plumbing ( plugged sink + bathtub)                  $130.00   (minimum 2 hours)

Total Costs                                                                    $1235.00

We trust that where ever you live, you will fulfil your obligation in maintaining reasonable  health, cleanliness and sanitary standards throughout the rental unit.


 Thank you


This is the video of the house she is talking about! Question is why would an award winning manager lie so much? What was her motive?

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