Thursday, March 31, 2016

My brief story

I wrote about Human rights issues in Pakistan. Pakistan ISI wanted to kill us.
We fled Pakistan to Sri Lanka. We were traced in Sri Lanka by Pak agencies.
On the request of Pakistan ISI we were kept in detention for a month in Sri Lanka. Our passports were confiscated.
We fled detention and started living in hiding. I used black berry phone to avoid being traced. I kept fighting for my right to live.
UNHCR local Sri Lankan staff secretly stood by their Govt.
Sri Lankan Govt refused to allow us to leave the country
We lived in disguise. I wore face cover and my 12 year old sister lived as a boy to avoid being recognized and caught.

                                              My sister in disguise in Sri Lanka
                                                 My sister in Keena Hotel Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka.

My sister now suffers from PTSD in Canada

We remained in hiding while Special Forces were looking for us.
My mother lived separately from us to be in touch with UNHCR.

I kept writing on my blog and social media sites to get help.
I cut myself and posted the video on YouTube to be helped.
UNHCR newly arrived RSD Officer Ilija Todorovic came to know about our buried case by my cutting video.

He immediately contacted me by email and started helping us.
Soon he was transferred, He handed over our case to Joseph Carroll. He was honest and brave and stood by us in very difficult times.
Before leaving Sri Lanka, Ilija Todorovic assigned our case on emergency. Emergency case requires immediate resettlement by the resettlement country.
Canadian immigration officer who was in Sri Lanka for a long time, was taking very long to help us.
I sent a Fax to Canadian Govt written in French. (By google translator) I asked for immediate protection as was required in our urgent case. I avoided writing in English because of the fear of Fax office.
On 8th January 2015, Pakistan friendly Sri Lankan Govt fell after an election.
 The new Sri Lankan Govt had nothing against us.
My honest resettlement officer informed me about the arrival of new immigration officer in Canadian embassy.
The new officer immediately started working on our case. He made sure that we leave Sri Lanka as soon as possible.

We landed in our new beautiful country on March 5, 2015.

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