Thursday, October 3, 2013

Naazneen Khan wants to save my life as well and her own

Guest Post, 
Written by Naazneen Khan
Dear all,

During last two days I received a large number of private messages suggesting me to be careful and not to put my own life in danger.  I am thankful to all of you worried for my safety.  Please be informed that I am very careful and have taken precautionary steps to continue my campaign to save Sadia as well as to keep myself safe.

I am in touch with Sadia on internet and Google video chats. In case Sri Lankan special forces arrest her she will be killed along with her family to avoid any trials. They would also ask her about my identity and location.
She doesn’t  know my location neither she knows me personally that’s what will keep me safe and sound.
Sadia has removed her website and sent it to me as well as to 2 other bloggers in the west.
In case we loose our contact with her and she stops coming on the video chats, I will put her website on the internet and let people know that this is the website which took 3 innocent lives. I hope this doesn’t happen and God finds a better way and things get settled without bringing bad name to Pakistan and Sri Lanka and a peace loving blogger is allowed to live.

With love,