Friday, October 25, 2013


Brief summary
 I was writing about very sensitive issues involving Pakistan security forces in Pakistan. Due to the threat to my life I fled to Sri Lanka along with my Mom and minor sister. I got registered with UNHCR. Overestimating the protection of UNHCR I started writing with my own name and disclosed my location.
Pakistani authorities contacted Sri Lankan Authorities and within days we were in detention camp. They confiscated everything including our passports.
I was told,
I am declared an Indian Spy
SIS head and special CID team was investigating about me
Our house was sealed
After one month of detention we fled on the 9th of April 2013.
We are in hiding for the last 7 months and it continues. WE kept begging UNHCR to give us asylum but to no avail.

On 14th October 2013 our mother exhausted with hiding left for UNHCR to beg them personally to give us asylum.  Me and my minor sister left for another place due to the suspicious role of UNHCR in the past.
What happened next?

My mother begged UNHCR to come and check the building where an alleged spy of India (myself) A wanted criminal enlisted with all the police stations had lived in heart wrenching conditions for the almost 7 months.  We were expecting Sri Lankan authorities and UNHCR to come running to find the truth about us but as soon as they found out that me and my sister have left the place. They lost the interest. Nobody came to check the place and talk to our owner and neighbors to find out about us. (Of course they knew I was innocent)
My mother was not offered asylum. My mother who did not have any money with her was forced to return to her place from where we had already left.
As a rule of law she should have been taken to a women in need center or to the detention camp as she had neither her passport nor UNHCR stay permit with her.
My mother went to the police station and requested them to take her to the detention camp because she neither had us in the house nor had any money. She was refused by the police Immigration and UNHCR to go to a place where she can at least get food. This is a dirty trick of UNHCR and Sri Lanka to force me to help my mother so that they can catch me.
While separating from her I did not give her any money hoping she will be taken care of.

Next day my mother was called for a so called interview with UNHCR. Violating, the basic rules of UNHCR she was further told,
“We cannot help you if you have problems with the state”
My mother was very disappointed with the interview and when she came out from the UNHCR building she was crying and screaming. UNHCR contacted Sri Lankan authorities and they contacted Pakistan Embassy. Soon a Pakistani official came to the place and stopped my mother from holding any kind of protest in a very strict way. He threatened her that if she will do so Sri Lankan authorities will break her bones……
Now we are separated from our mother. Our mother has lost everything including us.
Pakistan and Sri Lanka want to take my life and the saddest fact is UNHCR is helping them… UNHCR wants its office in Sri Lanka to go on and is ready to sacrifice us.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Dear Sir,

I Sadia Khan wrote on sensitive Human rights issues involving Pak Army Generals and security forces of Pakistan. Due to the threat to my life I fled to Sri Lanka along with my minor sister and mother. I got registered with UNHCR.

Pakistan ISI who was long looking for me finally trapped me in Sri Lanka. Pakistan friendly Sri Lankan authorities kept us in illegal detention for one month. They confiscated our passports and all we had.

We came to know through some honest officers that,

We were being involved in made-up cases
SIS head was leading our case
CID special unit was investigating about us
Our house was sealed
I will be declared a spy of India.

We kept UNHCR updated with our dangerous situation. We were told that if we have a problem with Sri Lankan State UNHCR cannot help us.

Due to extreme fear I had a heart attack. Hospital authorities were informed that I am a spy and I was guarded by heavily armed police in the hospital.

After returning to detention camp, we managed to flee from there on the 9th of April 2013.

Ever since we live in hiding while CID and all the service units of Sri Lanka are looking for us.
After 6 months of hiding my exhausted mother finally got back to UNHCR to beg them to grant us immediate asylum.
We separated from our mother and fled to another city to avoid being traced.
UNHCR staff acted in a very unprofessional and biased and suspicious way,

My mother was not issued a UNHCR stay Permit
UNHCR staff refused to send her to women in need center though she is all alone without a passport and separated from us. It is a dirty trick to force me to come and help her so that Sri Lankan authorities can arrest me.
She was told that they cannot help us if we had problems with the State authorities.

Now separated from our mother me and my little sister continue to live in hiding in extreme fear.
If we are caught Sri Lankan Authorities will kill us secretly to avoid any embarrassment
Please take an immediate action to save our life.

Sadia Khan


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Naazneen Khan wants to save my life as well and her own

Guest Post, 
Written by Naazneen Khan
Dear all,

During last two days I received a large number of private messages suggesting me to be careful and not to put my own life in danger.  I am thankful to all of you worried for my safety.  Please be informed that I am very careful and have taken precautionary steps to continue my campaign to save Sadia as well as to keep myself safe.

I am in touch with Sadia on internet and Google video chats. In case Sri Lankan special forces arrest her she will be killed along with her family to avoid any trials. They would also ask her about my identity and location.
She doesn’t  know my location neither she knows me personally that’s what will keep me safe and sound.
Sadia has removed her website and sent it to me as well as to 2 other bloggers in the west.
In case we loose our contact with her and she stops coming on the video chats, I will put her website on the internet and let people know that this is the website which took 3 innocent lives. I hope this doesn’t happen and God finds a better way and things get settled without bringing bad name to Pakistan and Sri Lanka and a peace loving blogger is allowed to live.

With love,