Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Leopard mothers a baby baboon: extremists must learn from animals!

Leopard mothers a baby baboon:  extremists must learn from animals!


The two year old leopard was hungry
and worked hard to get the baboon finally when the baboon was dead and the leopard was about to start it mouthwatering lunch, she noticed the new born baby baboon. She felt so guilty for depriving the baby from its mother that she left the dead animal took the baby baboon and started caring for it as a mother.

I wonder if the Muslim extremists can learn a lesson from it. They kidnap children separate them from their mothers 

and force them to carry out suicide bombing.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

SOME MORE political players.....coming up

 Tahir-Ul-Qadri to get rid of Democracy.

Three things,
We will change the political scenario of Pakistan, get rid of democracy.

Bring a Government of technocrates.

Follow Wahabism, forget about moderate Islam

Last but not the least, with my fingers closed I am pointing to two very important things. Army is not involved
I am not funded by ISI.

I was able to stir Pakistan because I sold the jewelery of my wife.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Why Malala Yousafzai did not get the international peace prize for children in 2011

That was 2007 when Taliban tried to impose Sharia law in SwatThey stopped the children specially girls from going to School.They killed the innocent resistant Pushtoons and destroyed the Schools.11 years old Malala   regularly wrote her diary about what was happening in Swat.There is no doubt that Malala yousafzai hates Taliban and she regularly wrote and clearly spoke against Taliban. Her writings were published in Pakistan as well as in international media. she was a strong candidate for children peace prize in 2011.

 When the day to get the prize came nearer, international media rushed to interview her, all of a sudden she and her father took a u turn and openly denied their hatred for Taliban and said they  never  spoke against Taliban. She said she has never mentioned in her writings that Taliban were behind the unrest in Swat and they were stopping girls from going to school. Her father also issued a statement that Taliban are not against the girls education they just want a different Schooling system (Islamic) for them.

 This was exactly the opposite of what she had been writing.
After all this she did not get the peace prize. It was over
but is it really over?
Has anybody thought even once why she did that? Was she forced to give such statements?

 In a country like Pakistan where mullah military militants and judiciary  have formed an alliance to bleed us where Saleem Shahzad was bruttely killed by isi for exposing terrorists where Geo Journalist Wali Babar  and many other Journalists were killed for speaking the truth where 40000 pakistanis were killed and not a single terrorist was punished.where sheri rahman was asked by the interior minister to go in hiding after she got threats from the terrorists.where the fate and where abouts of Shakeel Afridi are unknown where ex Ambassador  Hussain Haqani was called from America and forced  to resign Where Osama bin Laden lived comfortably for years, could she afford to oppose terrorists openly as Malala Yusafzai. Would she like to be slaughtered and added to the much talked long list of Pakistani sacrifices? Of course not
she was writing against the Taliban she wrote with the name of Gull Makai to hide her identity. Her father who was running a School was informed by the Taliban that he was on their hit list Khoni chok (slaughter  roundabout) was visible from their house and she spent years in fear that her father or she herself would be dragged to the Slaughter roundabout to be slaughtered
it was 11 years old Malala at that time with the consent of her father who wrote against them when she was frozen with the fear of Taliban ….Then came the time  when she was going to be a world class hero and was appointed for a prize one can only dream of, why would she back track.

Her family knew that peace in Swat is just artificial and that Taliban are the love of the Establishment this disclosure is the deepest and perhaps permanent disappointment she had no choice but to bury her dreams and say as she was told.
PM of Pakistan awarded her with national peace prize for children. Now in her interviews she talks about the right of children to get education but hardly against Taliban.Malala knows best what really happened, but can she talk about it as Malala yousafzai and not as Gulmakai?

This prize was given to Michaela a 17 years old special girl from South Africa.
At the age of 9 she started a campaign for collecting money for a motor wheelchair.Her family supported her in this campaign.Within days they were able to collect money more than required.Cheali was encouraged and decided to carry on.Today her campaign has changed in to a professional organization which works for the benefits of special children.She is truly an inspiration for children around the world.

--- However it was heartening to see that a special child from South Africa was strong enough to hold her trophy and a 14 year old healthy brave Pakistani girl was made to weak

To get the prize she most deserved.
She wrote to the international media of the world under the swords of Taliban from a country where our Savior military has joined hands with militants, but no one gave it a second thought. No one realized how difficult it is to write from such a fateful country.
Here is the video of Malala and her liberal courageous father, you can have a look in to the simple personal life of
this little brave angel a true hero.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Abdul Bari Jahani Chairman of East london Mosque promotes suicide BOMBING

Chairman of East London Mosque promotes suicide bombing

He is actively promoting terrorism in the name of jihad not only in western Muslims but also here in Afghanistan and in Pakistan his mesmerizing poetry glorifies suicidal bombers and promises beautiful ladies for them in heaven as soon as they die.he writes in different newspapers and magazines in Afghanistan since his poetry is in pushto so it has gone unnoticed by the foreign forces who have exhausted themselves to promote peace in the region .innocent and unaware youth who have hell of problems all created by the likes of him are sure to be impressed and will join the club of fasadies who consider themselves jihadist.
He is spreading the infection of Fasaad in the name of jihad. He and likes of him must be stoped by all means covertly or openly .he once charged of promoting terrorism by the authorities in Briton came up with an answer that he is trying to bring together muslim community.
The British believed him.
Let me tell MI5 how he is bringing Muslim community together.
Here is the English translation of one of his never ending poem which is published in Afghanistan pushto newspaper Lar u Bar.. this poem is a never ending promotion of suicide attacks. every day when I am reading this newspaper on the net, the poem” mother allow me to leave you let me go”is always there.the title of the poem is so heart touching that one canot help reading it.
Its written to promote suicide attacks in young boys he uses beautiful mesmerizing language to appeal to young boys and justifies suicidal attacks. He also tells the young boys directly that suicide attacks will land them directly into heaven. Read the translation and find out for yourself how he is bringing Muslim community together inside Briton and here in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Mother allow me to leave, you let me go
I have been told by Allah And the mullah
My own conscience and the Quran
My country and my village has once again invaded by the army of infidels
The time for jihad and time to be martyred has come
Time to shed blood and time to wear kafan (white burial cloth)
Newly young and innocent youth are coming out of madrasas to be the winners of war they are wearing the burial white cloth
Let me join them mom let me go
Yesterday the mullah was talking about the heaven
He was talking about the beautiful ladies of heaven and the tasty wine of heaven
Ladies of heaven whiter than milk and tender then petals of flowers.
Those beautiful ladies are proud of those mujahedeen killed in the war
Heaven has all
It has gardens and beautiful houses made of platinum and gold
Allow me to leave this broken house of this broken world
Mother allow me to leave you let me go
(Mothert says)
how can you leave your widow mother and sick sister
Your small brother will die of hunger
I was sick and weak and fed you with pure milk when you were a baby
Then I sent you to the madrasa to be educated
Why you have turned mad
Do not kill people don’t kill your cousins
If you will do so I will not forgive my milk (right of mother)
I beg you don’t go for my sake don’t go for God sake
My mother orders to fight have come from the sky
To Fight the Enemies of islam and of my land
The sound of jihad comes from azaan(call for prayers)
I am leaving you all to Allah
Allah will take care of you
I will offer my head as a sacrifice to my religion
I am going I will earn to be a martyred
I will kill myself for Allah
And I will kill few infidels and few hypocrites who have turned away from their religion
I have tied death (explosives) to my chest
Martyrdom is written on my forehead
I want to strip you off from my token of love
Grant me the leave to go till the day of judgment
I cannot consider your begging any more
Do not mislead me I cannot sacrifice martyrdom and awaiting ladies of heaven
Yesterday Ameer called me for the job
I am stronger then the boys of my age
So I am chosen for the job
Tonight we have a party in the heaven with the martyred boys, I am invited
I will spend the night with the ladies of heaven
I cannot hear to your sermons any more
i am separating myself from you till the Kiamat Qiamat(resurrection day)
Mother allow me to leave you let me go.