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The pressure on Zia to hang Bhutto — view from the US

DAWN.COM — UPDATED Jan 26, 2017 10:06am
The following is an excerpt from a declassified document released online by America’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as part of a searchable database on its website Reading Room. Declassified documents were previously only available to the public at the National Archives in College Park, Maryland.
document titled “National Intelligence Daily Cable”dated October 1978 contains an excerpt on the pressure on then president Zia-ul-Haq’s from the military establishment.
The cable, written “for the purpose of informing US officials only”, contains brief assessments on several countries including Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Brazil and Pakistan.
It reads: "Ultimately, Zia's ability to stay in office depends on the continued support of the military. Zia's inability to solve Pakistan's economic and political problems, his assumption of the presidency, his efforts to downgrade potential rivals in the army, and the belief that martial law is damaging both the reputation and the military capability of the army have all contributed to growing unhappiness among senior officers."

"So far however, military officers do not appear to be planning to move against him in office till he decides Bhutto's fate"
Another assessment report compiled by US officials dated February 1979 also reflects on Zia’s decision regarding Bhutto’s trial.
It reads: "If Bhutto is spared, the army leadership will be reinforced in its unhappiness with Zia and more inclined to move against him"
The abovementioned document is part of a database of 930,000 previously-confidential files released by the CIA on January 17, 2017. The CIA had disseminated historical declassified documents to its CIA Records Search Tool (CREST) since 1999.
To view's compilation of extracts from the declassified CIA documents, click here.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Now the truth emerges: how the US fuelled the rise of Isis in Syria and Iraq

Now the truth emerges: how the US fuelled the rise of Isis in Syria and Iraq
Seumas Milne

The war on terror, that campaign without end launched 14 years ago by George Bush, is tying itself up in ever more grotesque contortions. On Monday the trial in London of a Swedish man, Bherlin Gildo, accused of terrorism in Syria, collapsed after it became clear British intelligence had been arming the same rebel groups the defendant was charged with supporting.

The prosecution abandoned the case, apparently to avoid embarrassing the intelligence services. The defence argued that going ahead with the trial would have been an “affront to justice” when there was plenty of evidence the British state was itself providing “extensive support” to the armed Syrian opposition.

That didn’t only include the “non-lethal assistance” boasted of by the government (including body armour and military vehicles), but training, logistical support and the secret supply of “arms on a massive scale”. Reports were cited that MI6 had cooperated with the CIA on a “rat line” of arms transfers from Libyan stockpiles to the Syrian rebels in 2012 after the fall of the Gaddafi regime.

Clearly, the absurdity of sending someone to prison for doing what ministers and their security officials were up to themselves became too much. But it’s only the latest of a string of such cases. Less fortunate was a London cab driver Anis Sardar, who was given a life sentence a fortnight earlier for taking part in 2007 in resistance to the occupation of Iraq by US and British forces. Armed opposition to illegal invasion and occupation clearly doesn’t constitute terrorism or murder on most definitions, including the Geneva convention.

But terrorism is now squarely in the eye of the beholder. And nowhere is that more so than in the Middle East, where today’s terrorists are tomorrow’s fighters against tyranny – and allies are enemies – often at the bewildering whim of a western policymaker’s conference call.

For the past year, US, British and other western forces have been back in Iraq, supposedly in the cause of destroying the hyper-sectarian terror group Islamic State (formerly known as al-Qaida in Iraq). This was after Isis overran huge chunks of Iraqi and Syrian territory and proclaimed a self-styled Islamic caliphate.

The campaign isn’t going well. Last month, Isis rolled into the Iraqi city of Ramadi, while on the other side of the now nonexistent border its forces conquered the Syrian town of Palmyra. Al-Qaida’s official franchise, the Nusra Front, has also been making gains in Syria.

Some Iraqis complain that the US sat on its hands while all this was going on. The Americans insist they are trying to avoid civilian casualties, and claim significant successes. Privately, officials say they don’t want to be seen hammering Sunni strongholds in a sectarian war and risk upsetting their Sunni allies in the Gulf.

A revealing light on how we got here has now been shone by a recently declassified secret US intelligence report, written in August 2012, which uncannily predicts – and effectively welcomes – the prospect of a “Salafist principality” in eastern Syria and an al-Qaida-controlled Islamic state in Syria and Iraq. In stark contrast to western claims at the time, the Defense Intelligence Agency document identifies al-Qaida in Iraq (which became Isis) and fellow Salafists as the “major forces driving the insurgency in Syria” – and states that “western countries, the Gulf states and Turkey” were supporting the opposition’s efforts to take control of eastern Syria.

Raising the “possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist principality”, the Pentagon report goes on, “this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime, which is considered the strategic depth of the Shia expansion (Iraq and Iran)”.

Which is pretty well exactly what happened two years later. The report isn’t a policy document. It’s heavily redacted and there are ambiguities in the language. But the implications are clear enough. A year into the Syrian rebellion, the US and its allies weren’t only supporting and arming an opposition they knew to be dominated by extreme sectarian groups; they were prepared to countenance the creation of some sort of “Islamic state” – despite the “grave danger” to Iraq’s unity – as a Sunni buffer to weaken Syria.

That doesn’t mean the US created Isis, of course, though some of its Gulf allies certainly played a role in it – as the US vice-president, Joe Biden, acknowledged last year. But there was no al-Qaida in Iraq until the US and Britain invaded. And the US has certainly exploited the existence of Isis against other forces in the region as part of a wider drive to maintain western control.

The calculus changed when Isis started beheading westerners and posting atrocities online, and the Gulf states are now backing other groups in the Syrian war, such as the Nusra Front. But this US and western habit of playing with jihadi groups, which then come back to bite them, goes back at least to the 1980s war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, which fostered the original al-Qaida under CIA tutelage.

It was recalibrated during the occupation of Iraq, when US forces led by General Petraeus sponsored an El Salvador-style dirty war of sectarian death squads to weaken the Iraqi resistance. And it was reprised in 2011 in the Nato-orchestrated war in Libya, where Isis last week took control of Gaddafi’s home town of Sirte.

In reality, US and western policy in the conflagration that is now the Middle East is in the classic mould of imperial divide-and-rule. American forces bomb one set of rebels while backing another in Syria, and mount what are effectively joint military operations with Iran against Isis in Iraq while supporting Saudi Arabia’s military campaign against Iranian-backed Houthi forces in Yemen. However confused US policy may often be, a weak, partitioned Iraq and Syria fit such an approach perfectly.

What’s clear is that Isis and its monstrosities won’t be defeated by the same powers that brought it to Iraq and Syria in the first place, or whose open and covert war-making has fostered it in the years since. Endless western military interventions in the Middle East have brought only destruction and division. It’s the people of the region who can cure this disease – not those who incubated the virus.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Misleading low crime rate

Low crime rate doesn't always mean less crime!!
Some times it simply means crime committed but not detected.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Why my building Manager in Guildford ------- Surrey harassed us? Is money into play

We left BC Surrey on 22 April. My building Manager tried to create problems for us. She lied and made continuous efforts to involve us in some legal issues. We left Surrey to another province in emergency, fearing she might lie and accuse us of some crime. We lost thousands of dollars due to our immediate relocation.
She forced us to give her our new address. She opened our mails, some of our important mail went missing. She was spying on us.
We left on 22nd April. She charged us till June 2016. She never returned our deposit of 450 dollars. 
A night before we left the house , we video tapped the house to have a proof against any accusation. 
We flew to another province. when we were in the hotel in Ontario we received disturbing emails and text messages from her.

Here is one of her email. She lies about the condition of the apartment. Below is the video of the house recorded 12 hours before we left the house. Perhaps she forgot that I can video tape the house.

I am copy pasting her email written to us on 23rd April 2016. She wrote!!!

This is a record for our Management :

* All kitchen cabinets inside and out were full of oil stains

* Oven and fridge were both in very dirty condition

* Drip pans on stove were all burnt out and under drip pans had very bad stains

* Oven drawer was jammed

* Countertops both sides - burnt by placing hot pots on them

* Floors for kitchen, dining and bathroom were caked with dirt and oil.

* Vanity sink and bathtub sink were clogged with hair and dirt

* Toilet in a very dirty condition

* There were 14 bags of garbage (using large garbage bags) from kitchen and clothes from all closets that had to be removed

* We had to dispose of dining table + 4 chairs

* Another dining table

* 3 single beds and box springs

* Touch up paint done for whole unit

* Double painting job required for all kitchen cabinets- inside and out

Since you had not cleaned and completed requets upon vacating -PLEASE NOTE CHARGES AS FOLLOWS :

1)  Touch up Paint for  unit + kitchen cabinets    $300.00

2)  Carpets                                                                  $140.00

3)  Drapes                                                                   $115.00

4)  Damage to countertops                                      $100.00

5)  Cleaning                        (10 hours)                       $250.00

6)  Removal of garbage bags                                   $100.00

7) Stove drip pans ($25x 4)                                       $100.00

8) Plumbing ( plugged sink + bathtub)                  $130.00   (minimum 2 hours)

Total Costs                                                                    $1235.00

We trust that where ever you live, you will fulfil your obligation in maintaining reasonable  health, cleanliness and sanitary standards throughout the rental unit.


 Thank you


This is the video of the house she is talking about! Question is why would an award winning manager lie so much? What was her motive?

Why my college staff in Surrey tried to put me in trouble

I was a student of Community mental health and addiction college in Surrey BC. I was getting straight A and A +, when everything changed. I had security issues and I left BC to keep myself safe.

Copy of My complaint letter to the college:

Hi Jackie,
I am sending you a short summary of my problems.Previously I forgot to mention some important points. 

 I joined S------ College CMHAW to give back to my beloved country.
 In the beginning everything was very well. I had honest and professional instructors. My class fellows were good. I always got A and A +.
It was a relief that Pakistan ISI has finally stopped chasing me.
Soon things changed. I went through loads of organized problems in the college.
 I noticed my class fellows were not as respectful & friendly as they were before. My Councillor ----  had a different tone.
Once I was served with sanitizer in my coffee thermos. I Went to her --- and complained about it. She said “go and stand in front of the class and make a presentation and tell them what they did”
I did not do that, it would turn everyone against me.
My last two instructors ---- & ---- behaved in a very suspicious manner.
H-----  bullied me continuously in the class. Once I asked her to reconsider my (2) marks. She said no I cannot. I said “ok no problem.” It was over.
When the class finished and I was rushing to catch my bus, she stopped me & asked me to stay back. She kept waiting for everyone to leave. I missed my bus. It was very late in the night. When everyone was gone, she said
“I want to tell you that I cannot change your marks and tomorrow I will take you to “L---”
 I was shocked over this abnormal behaviour. I went close to the door and told her once again that I have no issues and I accept my marks. I left quickly and found out there was no one left in the college.
I wrote a detailed email about how I was bullied in the class & sent it to L---- & and L---------the Director (Screen shot of the email is attached)
---- wrote back to me .She sympathised and asked me to talk to her again. She wrote “I challenge you to talk to her” I did not, I was not in a position to question a bully instructor!
After a couple of days Our Director ---- met me in the student’s kitchen. He shook hand with me. He reassured me and told me that in the background they were working on my problems & everything will be alright.
I was satisfied that Director was involved and thought my worries were gone. Unfortunately everything changed to worse.
 My class fellows started shouting & ordering me. They asked me not to sit next to them. They stopped talking to me. No one was ready to be my partner.
I made desperate appeals to L----  to help me & find out the reason of their behavior. She never did. She has enormous authority in student’s affairs. Students would do as she says.  L---- played no positive role.
 I also kept wondering about the outcome of L----promise.
K---- our previous instructor was initially assigned our next class of Psychology 125, but instead S---- took the class.
She was over sweet with me and once invited me for a coffee with her.
She used double standards to mark me compared to my class fellows. In my 1st presentation she failed me very unfairly. She did not even realized that I did very well despite being very sick.
 When I spoke to her and proved that I deserved more marks she said “I agree but I will ask L---  because I am very new and can make a mistake”
A new returning student R----- joined our class. I rushed to make him my partner. He was with me in two assignments and was very satisfied with my performance as a partner. I took a promise from him over a handshake that he would remain my partner. In S------s class he changed and refused to be my partner. He also stopped answering my calls and messages. He ignored me in the class. Another ex-class fellow S----- who was in touch with me has all of a sudden stopped communication with me.
 I shared my personal story with S-----to get sympathies, after seeing my story in the newspaper she looked very worried.  Many times she jumped when I spoke to her.  She stopped making eye contact with me. She would check me and then run to Li----’s office. All this was very suspicious and I was deeply concerned.
We had an upcoming presentation. I was hyper active. I had challenges to overcome
-I was very sick with heart & lungs problems and was twice hospitalized before.
-I wanted to be flawless because of biased teacher
-My partner was loud in manners and slow in work.

I decided the topic with S-----(My partner). I made 45 slides on Sunday. On Monday, I emailed my presentation to my partner while sitting next to her.
She had a good look on the presentation and thanked me. We decided to work on it later in the class.
 To be on the safe side I told her to be in command and delete and add whatever she wanted.  I also told her if she doesn’t like the presentation I was ready to start working with her on another one.
When everyone else started working on the presentation, she quietly picked her bag and left the classroom. Teacher followed her. When the teacher took long to come back I was concerned. It looked unusual. I came out from the classroom. They were standing outside. I heard them talking about me and F word. They were laughing. S----- was facing the door and saw me. She quickly said “here she comes”
 I was disturbed and said “so you guys are talking about me.”
 All 3 of us were quiet for a while.
Sherrill said she is upset because you prepared the whole thing and there is nothing left for her to do.
Realizing they were up to something I quickly came up with a long list of options. 
I said” let's do another one together and forget about this one.
 Let's do what you want.
 Please be in command.
 Let’s choose another topic. Let’s get together let’s forget about the old one.”
Unfortunately being angry was part of the plan. She said word F again and again and left for home. Teacher told me that it was my mistake. “I failed team work.”

When I came home I felt extremely depressed. I knew that I was a victim yet I wrote to Sha    and apologized.

I discussed everything with my family. My 14 year old sister who suffers from PTSD was visibly disturbed.
I started connecting dots between the unreasonable behaviour of Li    , Sh     , Her      , Shk     also thought about Lass promise and my increased troubles.
Why would they give me so much pain without any gain??????????
I became very sick. I informed my college about my serious condition. Despite my serious illness Li-- and S------ kept writing to me to prepare for my exam and immediate presentation. Sh    i made desperate calls & left several messages asking me to continue.

I have powerful enemies who are ready to pay any price to put me in trouble & get me deported.
Please make a thorough investigation & find out the reasons behind the suspicious behavior of some staff & student S---- in my college.


Sadia Khan
11 April 2016

Thursday, March 31, 2016

My brief story

I wrote about Human rights issues in Pakistan. Pakistan ISI wanted to kill us.
We fled Pakistan to Sri Lanka. We were traced in Sri Lanka by Pak agencies.
On the request of Pakistan ISI we were kept in detention for a month in Sri Lanka. Our passports were confiscated.
We fled detention and started living in hiding. I used black berry phone to avoid being traced. I kept fighting for my right to live.
UNHCR local Sri Lankan staff secretly stood by their Govt.
Sri Lankan Govt refused to allow us to leave the country
We lived in disguise. I wore face cover and my 12 year old sister lived as a boy to avoid being recognized and caught.

                                              My sister in disguise in Sri Lanka
                                                 My sister in Keena Hotel Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka.

My sister now suffers from PTSD in Canada

We remained in hiding while Special Forces were looking for us.
My mother lived separately from us to be in touch with UNHCR.

I kept writing on my blog and social media sites to get help.
I cut myself and posted the video on YouTube to be helped.
UNHCR newly arrived RSD Officer Ilija Todorovic came to know about our buried case by my cutting video.

He immediately contacted me by email and started helping us.
Soon he was transferred, He handed over our case to Joseph Carroll. He was honest and brave and stood by us in very difficult times.
Before leaving Sri Lanka, Ilija Todorovic assigned our case on emergency. Emergency case requires immediate resettlement by the resettlement country.
Canadian immigration officer who was in Sri Lanka for a long time, was taking very long to help us.
I sent a Fax to Canadian Govt written in French. (By google translator) I asked for immediate protection as was required in our urgent case. I avoided writing in English because of the fear of Fax office.
On 8th January 2015, Pakistan friendly Sri Lankan Govt fell after an election.
 The new Sri Lankan Govt had nothing against us.
My honest resettlement officer informed me about the arrival of new immigration officer in Canadian embassy.
The new officer immediately started working on our case. He made sure that we leave Sri Lanka as soon as possible.

We landed in our new beautiful country on March 5, 2015.